A Father’s Day Tribute and Specials + Vineyard Update August 2023

As Father's Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to reflect on family, heritage, and the wonderful gift of fine wine. At Brini Estate Wines, these elements are intrinsically woven into our story, thanks to the remarkable vision of my father, Sebastiano.

A Journey to the Promised Land

Sebastiano took a monumental risk when he left his humble beginnings for a land where he didn't even speak the language. After enduring a gruelling 7-week sea voyage (and we fuss over a 20-hour flight today!), he arrived with an indomitable spirit and a willingness to work hard. It was this resolve that allowed him to purchase what is now our prestigious Blewitt Springs vineyard back in 1953.

While the property was initially a mix of fruit trees and pasture for dairy cows, decades of hard work and family support have turned it into a vineyard that we’re incredibly proud of. From manual planting in the 1960s to embracing modern machinery, every vine has been a labor of love.

Cheers to Sebastiano

Sadly, we lost Sebastiano in a tractor accident in 1988. He would have turned 100 this November. Yet, his legacy lives on every time a cork is popped from one of our bottles. So, the next time you enjoy a Brini Estate wine, let’s toast to Sebastiano and the wonderful lineage he has left us.

Vineyard Update - August 2023

In other news, we've just finished pruning our last Grenache block. As we usher in the spring, we're hopeful for a great vintage, thanks to a relatively wet winter that has filled our dams and saturated the subsoil, preparing us for the challenges of Mr. El Nino.

Brini wines vineyard

Marcello Brini in the vineyard at Brini Wines estate

Father’s Day Wine Specials

To help celebrate the upcoming day, we have put together these Father's Day gift ideas.

Limited Release Sebastian Shiraz Vertical Vintage 6-Pack

  • Vintages: 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Price: $400

Premium Mixed 6-Pack

  • Wines: 2016 Grenache, 2018 Stellato Grenache, 2018 GSM, 2018 Blewitt Springs, 2018 Sebastian, 2017 Merlot
  • Price: $150

Premium Museum Mixed 6-Pack

  • Wines: 2012 Limited Release Sebastian Shiraz, 2014 Limited Release Sebastian Shiraz, 2015 Christian Shiraz, 2015 Sebastian Shiraz, 2013 Grenache, 2016 GSM
  • Price: $300

Special: 2018 Sebastian Shiraz

  • Price: $340 per case (12-pack)

For those looking to buy wines online, if you order as soon as possible they will arrive in time for Father's Day. 

    Celebrate this Father’s Day with a taste of history, legacy, and the finest Shiraz and Grenache wines from Brini Estate Vineyards in the most premium region of McLaren Vale, Blewitt Springs.

    Cheers to all the fathers who’ve paved the way for us!