2023 Vineyard Vintage Report: A Promising Harvest Ahead

Brini Wines Tractor on the vineyard

By Marcello Brini.

Our vineyard faced a challenging season with continuous rains, but diligent efforts in managing weeds, fungus, and snails have preserved the fruit's excellent condition.

With beautiful autumn weather now upon us, we anticipate a fruitful harvest.

We've picked the first batch of Shiraz and Chenin, and if favourable conditions persist, we can expect exceptional fruit quality this vintage. The Shiraz is particularly promising, boasting vibrant colours and rich flavours.

In summary, despite initial weather challenges, our vineyard has overcome these obstacles, and we eagerly anticipate a remarkable vintage.


Brini Estate Wines - Quality grapes collected for 2023


Brini Estate Wines - 2023 Harvest on the tractor


Brini Estate Wines - Marsh in the vineyard


Brini Estate Wines - Collecting the grapes from 2023 harvest


Brini Estate Wines - Marcello Brini inspecting grapes