An Autumn Update From the Brini Wines Vineyard

As we near the end of the season, it's a good time to share with you what's been happening in the vineyard.



The Shiraz and Chenin have both been harvested and are showing promise. They have gone through ferment and will soon be going into french oak barrels for aging.

We're currently picking the bulk of our Grenache over the next week. Overall, it's been a busy time with the vintage, as per usual.

This year's season has mostly treated us well, despite a five-day heatwave. It was just right for ripening—cool enough at night and dry.

Now that the nights are cooling down but the days are still warm, we're seeing a nice extended ripening period. With temperatures dropping to around 9 or 10 degrees at night, we're starting to prepare for the colder months ahead (which I'm sure we'll be complaining about soon enough..!).


We've also planted a new block of Grenache vines (see the photo above👆), which are doing well—especially enjoyed by some of the local kangaroos..


As we look towards winding things down for winter, we're very pleased overall with how the season has turned out, which will result in quality wine across our range of varietals.

Thanks for your ongoing support of the Brini Wines journey, and we hope you enjoy some good wine soon.

Marcello Brini and family.