Season's Greetings + Vineyard Report from Brini Estate Wines

Season's Greetings

As we approach the festive season, we stop to extend a heartfelt thank you for being the cornerstone of our thriving Brini Wines community throughout the year.

It's been a pleasure to reconnect with friends and welcome new ones at the interstate wine shows spanning the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and beyond.

Each encounter has been a high note this year.

Vineyard Report, December 2023

Growth, Innovation and a Prosperous Vintage Outlook

This year was a remarkable one for Brini Estate Wines, a 12-month period characterised by growth and innovation.

To start, we installed an automated irrigation system and then expanded our Grenache vineyards by a sprawling three acres. These advancements underscore our unwavering commitment to sustainable and innovative viticulture, in addition to maintaining our dedication to producing the most premium wine.

The Weather

Nestled in the thriving Blewitt Springs region, one of Australia's most premium wine-making regions, the weather and conditions contribute to create wines that are not just exceptional but are a testament to our commitment to quality winemaking.

Our vineyards received 60 millilitres of late November rain, a blessing for our vines at this time of year and setting us up for a bumper 2024.

The flowering season was also very promising and favourable.

Looking forward, we are excited in anticipating the forthcoming vintages of Grenache, particularly from our venerable 55 and 80-year-old vines.

A Toast to You All: Christmas Wine Sale

As another way of saying thank you, we extend an invitation for you to enjoy the season with our Christmas special.

Until December 19, take advantage of a 25% discount site-wide on all case wine purchases, which also receive free shipping.

Brini Wines Christmas Sale

Here's to a another year behind us and the promise of continuing the tradition of producing premium vintages ahead.

Enjoy the festive season and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2024.

Marcello Brini and family.